How can churches and communities offer more appropriate and effective responses to sexual violence in its many different forms? The "When Did We See You Naked?" project examines the opportunities and challenges to faith-based responses to sexual violence, and how biblical and theological resources can guide and support these with particular emphasis on how churches might address victim blaming and secondary victimisation.

As a focal point, the work takes up the question posed in Matthew 25:38: "When was it that we saw you...naked and gave you clothing?" (NRSV) and builds on earlier work conducted by Professor David Tombs, the Director of the Centre for Theology and Public Issues at the University of Otago and his 1999 article, "Crucifixion, State Terror, and Sexual Abuse," Union Seminary Quarterly Review, 53:1-2 (1999), his 2015 Inaugural Professorial Lecture, and the 2016 CTPI project by Tombs and Rocio Figueroa on Listening to Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

"When Did We See You Naked?" workshops explore Mark 15.16-24 and other texts to address the stripping and forced naked exposure of Jesus prior to and during crucifixion. It uses facilitated contextual bible studies and discussion to investigate why the sexualised element of this humiliation is rarely named or seen as important and how acknowledgement of these texts might contribute to better church responses to sexual violence.

These workshops are available for churches and communities to explore the connections between Jesus' last days as depicted in scripture and sexualised violence.  In the UK and US, the workshops are facilitated by Jayme at a minimal cost should your community wish to explore this topic further.  Please contact her using the form below for more information.

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