Photo credit to  Ann Philp via Twitter

Photo credit to Ann Philp via Twitter



There are three main areas where I can offer support for your work:


Speaking, Teaching, and Facilitating

I teach and speak around a number of topics related to theology and public issues, including gender, race, sexuality, conflict/violence, justice, reconciliation, politics, and literature.  I can also help you by leading or participating in workshops, retreats, and conferences.

Some examples:

  • Hospitality and its relationship to power, purity, and solidarity

  • The Abrahamic tradition of hospitality: Commonalities and differences in the religious approaches to hospitality in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

  • Dispelling the myths: Peace, forgiveness, justice, reconciliation, sin, and hospitality

  • Religion and genocide: Using faith for good or evil

  • White discomfort and Black Lives Matter: Addressing privilege and racism in your community

  • Feminist critiques of Christian atonement theories

  • Why do bad things happen?: Exploring the power of God in the Bible and literature

  • Poetry and Prayer: Lament in scripture and popular culture

  • What does the Bible say about LGBTQI+ issues?: Reading and interpreting scripture with integrity and inclusivity

  • We Are Made of Stories: Film, literature, and theology

  • Dangerous Memories: Understanding history, collective memory, and identity in our theology

You may be interested in just me alone, or as one of a part of network of artists, poets, theologians, academics, clergy and other interesting people I know and work with who can shape and inform an event of your choosing in order to make your retreat or conference special.  If you have specific needs or a particular group dynamic in mind, contact me.


Upon request, I can write articles around particular theological topics for your publication as well as other commissions.  If you are interested in a collaborative writing project, I would love to hear from you.


Spiritual Coaching and Theological Conversations

I work with individuals and small groups in person, FaceTime or Skype, to create safe, confidential spaces. Questions about God, life, doubt, religion, good vs. evil, truth, salvation, politics, and belief can be asked and explored, and learning will take place without the pressure of maintaining a doctrinal or dogmatic loyalty.

For me to do my best and for you to have adequate time to go in-depth and get the most out of the sessions, a two session minimum is required.  Interested in learning more?  Contact me.